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Table Protection

Heat Protection

Heat Protection

We at Table Saver often get questions from our clients regarding heat protection and their furniture. Were you aware that up to half the weight of freshly sawn wood is water? Furniture is crafted from wood that is carefully dried, retaining just enough moisture for the furniture to properly acclimate to the relative humidity in your home. 

The wood in furniture continues to exchange moisture with the air, shrinking and expanding in response to changes in relative humidity. Some ways to ensure your solid hardwood furniture's longevity and ensure proper heat protection include the use of a humidifier in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer to keep the relative humidity at 25 to 35 percent. 

Also, a common heat protection tip includes avoiding placing furniture directly in front of radiators, heat runs or fireplaces. Furthermore, don't expose hardwood furniture to continuous direct sunlight; simply drawing the curtains aids heat protection more than one would realize. 

Finally, make certain to use a table pad for everyday use. This simple precautionary measure will aid in heat protection by providing a layer of carefully designed material between the flawless surface of your prized furniture and the damaging effects of everyday pots and pans. Feel free to uncover your beauty for holidays and gatherings, but make sure to use heavy-duty heat protection between the hot surfaces and your precious furniture. Follow these simple guidelines and your furniture will be healthy and lovely for years to come.

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